XrmToolBox : Marketing List Manager Plugin

Back when Microsoft released CRM 2013, they introduced a new feature to allow outer joins in FetchXML . You can find more details in this blog post about Left Joins in CRM 2013. The annoying thing is that this feature has not been surfaced through the Query designer for advanced find within CRM. It’s not a big issue, as most scenarios for this type of joins are intended for reports and you don’t use the designer for that. However, I’ve come across a number of scenarios where we wanted to define Dynamic Marketing Lists with queries that required this type of functionality – e.g. accounts with no activities in the last x weeks. The good news is that you can use the APIs to manipulate the Dynamic Marketing Lists definitions and change its FetchXML programmatically. So, even if the Advanced Find designer doesn’t support outer joins, you can still modify the query programmatically and the Marketing List will function as expected.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

I am sure that by now you have already read about the rather surprising collaboration announcement between two of the biggest rivals in the CRM software space. In the first instance this looks very confusing, especially for all those that work closely with Microsoft Dynamics and for whom Salesforce.com has been depicted as the evil […]

When more becomes less. The Presenter’s Paradox

I have done my fair share of software presentations over the years, and I more than once have committed the crime of trying to impress the audience by showing more and more things about my products. At the time I had the firm believe that this would impress them and get them to see the […]


It has being a long time since I last updated this blog. More than 3 years! Time flies. During that time lots of things have changed in my life and work. After 5 years of being a Microsoft MVP I joined Microsoft on 2011 and I am now a Senior Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft […]