Logging for Update Rollup setups

This is just a short post to provide a quick tip that you might find useful when installing Update Rollups, an any Windows Installer based setup. The Update Rollup packages are based on MSI technologies. If you type in a command prompt “msiexec” you will see a screen this one proving information about the different […]

Adding LinkedIn to Dynamics CRM

LinkedIn is the most successful professional social network with more than 60 million users worldwide. At the end of the last year LinkedIn opened up their API for developers allowing third parties to integrate the valuable information on their applications. The information contained in this social network is specially relevant when working with CRM applications. […]

Creating a Multi Field Search screen in Dynamics CRM

Few months ago I was reading a fantastic post from Adi Katz about how to dynamically compose Fetch XML queries and display them on a native CRM Grid using the Advanced Functionality. The post was great and the JavaScript code provided by Adi works like a charm. After some playing I got inspired and I […]

Summary of xRM and CRM 5 at PDC09

This week the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC) was held in Los Angeles. Among tons of announces and cool things around Windows Azure and Silverlight 4 beta, there was three sessions dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These 3 sessions were dedicated to highlight the xRM capabilities and to introduce new features coming on CRM version […]

Collapsable Form Sections – a bit of the future in CRM 4

On the last year PDC demos we saw that Dynamics CRM 5 will come with an improved and less clicky UI to enable an even better User Experience. One of the features on the videos was the change to have collapsable panels instead of tabs, this allows the users to access the information in a […]

Update Rollup 7 – Amazing Outlook Client improvements

The CRM SE team has just released the Update Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, this is a cumulative update including all the previous released ones. However, the most important thing is that this Update Rollup included a ton of fixes for the Outlook client, it actually includes a re-engineered Outlook client that improves […]

Code Camp.es 2009 and xRM

Next 17th and 18th of October the Spanish Code Camp 2009 will be taking place at a fantastic location at Tarragona. The Code Camp is an event that is more or less organised once a year by the Spanish .Net communities to gather a bunch of Microsoft techies geeks and spend the whole weekend sharing […]

Creating Master Detail views in Dynamics CRM

One of the most typical “somewhat” unsupported customisations on Dynamics CRM is using IFrames to show associated views. This technique enables a nicer user interface showing more information about related records on the main entity form without having to click through the left hand side navigation panel. I was doing some customisations the other day […]

Epicenter 2009 – Dynamics CRM at the Irish Software Show

Next 27th of August I’ll be at the Epicenter 2009 conference delivering a session about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I want to thanks the guys from IrishDev for offering me this opportunity to spread the word about my favourite product and its capabilities. As you already know Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete suite covering sales, […]

Hiding the left navigation panel on a CRM entity

This one started as a weird requirement, although it was totally justified from the clients perspective. In one of our customers deployment there was a very simple entity that didn’t require to show the left hand side navigation panel and for User Experience’s sake it was decided that this navigation panel should go. Obviously there […]