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Epicenter 2009 – Dynamics CRM at the Irish Software Show

Next 27th of August I’ll be at the Epicenter 2009 conference delivering a session about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I want to thanks the guys from IrishDev for offering me this opportunity to spread the word about my favourite product and its capabilities. As you already know Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a complete suite covering sales, […]

Hiding the left navigation panel on a CRM entity

This one started as a weird requirement, although it was totally justified from the clients perspective. In one of our customers deployment there was a very simple entity that didn’t require to show the left hand side navigation panel and for User Experience’s sake it was decided that this navigation panel should go. Obviously there […]

VPC Expiration How To

These days we all work with loads of VPCs for different purposes: development, demoing, testing… One of the main concerns when using downloaded demo VPCs is that they will expire at some point. This obviously doesn’t happen when you use your own licenses for it, but it is normal if you use Microsoft provided demo […]

What is xRM? Watch the video

Microsoft has published a really nice video that summarises the concept of xRM in one minute and a half. Definitely worth watching.

Show custom warning messages on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using JavaScript is a quite common approach for client side validation and interaction on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms. In many occasions we need to notify or warn the user about a condition or situation depending on certain values of some fields in the form. Normally you would use a JavaScript alert to show a […]

Cannot create a connection to data source ‘CRM’.

The title of this post is a funny error message that you can get when trying to run a report. Initially you might see “Reporting Error, the report cannot be displayed”, but if you activate the show developer errors option you would see an ASP.Net error screen with some Exception traces containing the message “Cannot […]

Starting 2009 as a renewed MVP & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Discovery Days

The new year has started with lots of exciting projects here at AlfaPeople, and many many ideas for cool stuff that we want to do during this year around Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’ve had also the honour of being renewed as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Dynamics CRM again, making this the third year […]

Convergence EMEA 2008 – I’ll be there

Only 3 weeks left for the Convergence EMEA 2008! This year I have the pleasure of attending again, and the honor of having the opportunity to be a speaker on a couple of sessions. Convergence is the most important event of the year for partners and customers of the Microsoft Dynamics products family. Like the […]

Bulk edit for Dynamics CRM Entities

You probably already know about a feature calledbulk edit on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that lets you modify several records at once, this is definitely a great feature that enables end users to change in bulk some values for several records. The problem is that this feature is not available for all the records in Microsoft […]

The CRM Book

I’m probably the last one to comment about this book, but I guess that is better to do it late than never. As you may already know, a fellow Dynamics CRM MVP David Yack has recently published a book called “CRM as a Rapid Development Platform” which is a very comprehensive work about development for […]