Creating a Multi Field Search screen in Dynamics CRM

Few months ago I was reading a fantastic post from Adi Katz about how to dynamically compose Fetch XML queries and display them on a native CRM Grid using the Advanced Functionality. The post was great and the JavaScript code provided by Adi works like a charm. After some playing I got inspired and I thought the technique could be really useful to create a multi-field search on Dynamics CRM.

Basically what I mean with multi field search is a fairly typical advanced search screen that lots of business applications include. This screen allows the user to enter values for one or more fields and search records matching that criteria. The main difference with the out of the box quick search is that the objective here is to provide several different search terms to be applied to specific fields. I think you get the idea, anyway a picture is worth more than thousand words.


4 thoughts on “Creating a Multi Field Search screen in Dynamics CRM

  1. This solution looks great. For those who want a packaged solution for CRM 2011, my company released XRMagic Search. This CRM add-on installs as a safe “Web Resource” and is shown in a Dashboard. It allows CRM 2011 users to search for text across entities and fields. The results are highlighted and the user can click the provided link to bring up the full record. It’s most useful when you just want to quickly find something in CRM — maybe if you’ve forgotten exactly where it is (notes? e-mail? description field?). Slowly we’re all adding features that Microsoft left out. won’t have anything left to brag about. 🙂

  2. Great post. Advanced search function is really good but it does not provide ability to search in all CRM entities “in one click”. So, I just want to say, that there is 3rd party solution which provides ability to search all type of entities and attributes in Dynamics CRM (including searching in custom entities and searching in attached documents content). I’m talking about Akvelon Global Search solution which provides really advanced search in CRM (MS Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011 On-premise and Dynamics CRM 2011 Online). You can play with crm search functionality (absolutely free) here:

  3. Hi Marco, I really enjoy reading some articles you’ve written about DynCRM and am a fellow enthusiast but not near as much experience as you but am learning as much as I can. I built out a custom recruiting solution that imports into Dynamics CRM that I use as an applicant tracking system (i’m an IT Headhunter in Houston TX). I have a few questions about how you did the multi search screen and was wondering if you would be so kind to send me your email address and maybe be open to me asking some questions and picking your brain? 🙂 Thanks again and I’m a fan of your skills and what you’ve done with Dynamics CRM.

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