Logging for Update Rollup setups

image This is just a short post to provide a quick tip that you might find useful when installing Update Rollups, an any Windows Installer based setup.

The Update Rollup packages are based on MSI technologies. If you type in a command prompt “msiexec” you will see a screen this one proving information about the different command prompt options to execute MSI based installers. Including the information about how to enable logging of the setup process.

Enable logging is really useful when it comes to diagnose errors. Sometime the setup fails for a unexpected reason and the information provided through the UI is not enough to diagnose the problem. In those cases you can profit from the logging capabilities to get a detailed setup trace log with which can help you to find the error.

The CRM update rollups are MSI based. Therefore if you ever find a problem installing one of them you might find helpful information about the errors using these logging techniques.

To execute a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollup using logging you nee to run the setup from the command promp adding the “/log” option and additionally indicating where you want to create the log file. For example:

CRMv4.0-KB968176-i386-Client-ENU.exe /log c:\test.log

Hope you find it useful.

Marco Amoedo

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