It has being a long time since I last updated this blog. More than 3 years! Time flies. During that time lots of things have changed in my life and work. After 5 years of being a Microsoft MVP I joined Microsoft on 2011 and I am now a Senior Partner Technology Strategist for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the UK.


The reason why I am sharing this with you is because I have decided to take back once again the challenge of regularly publishing here my toughs around Microsoft, Dynamics CRM and Business in general. Hence the title of this post “Rebooting”.


Over this year’s my favourite product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has come a long way and the community surrounding it has become much bigger and the level of the people involved is impressive. I can just hope to add my humble contribution to this community and that you find it worthy enough to read it and discuss it.


In line with my interests, knowledge and personal experience evolution over this years, I have decided to split the blog in two sections: One technical dedicated to Dynamics CRM and all the geeky stuff, and another one dedicated to Business, Strategy and other non-technical topics where I will share some learnings in this areas.


So, without more wait let the reboot being! I hope you like it


Thanks for reading.


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